Delaware In-Home Dog Training

Delaware In-Home Dog Training!

Del Dog Training’s in-home training program will get your dog’s behavior back on track.

Our trainer was required to spend an excessive amount of time training rescue dogs out of their problem behavior to make them more appealing to potential adopters before they are certified. They are also required to thoroughly study and demonstrate their grasp of canine psychology, canine history, training theory, and training methodology. Put simply, we know what we’re doing.

We have seen leash-pullers walk happily at their owners’ sides. We’ve seen hyperactive dogs choose to be calm. We’ve seen destructive dogs control their urges to urinate in the house or chew on shoes. It is possible, and you can see the same results in your dog if you choose to work with Del Dog Training.

What Sets Us Apart?

When you call us, we’ll work to understand your problem over the phone, and we’ll schedule an in-home consultation so we can see the problem behavior for ourselves. Based on our observations, and after ensuring your level of commitment to the training process, we’ll create a customized program designed around you and your dog. Working as a team, we’ll implement this program and, for one flat fee, we’ll help your dog reach his training goals.

Del Dog Training only performs in-home training because it’s the most effective method available. In-home training helps the owner take on the role of the leader, ensuring your dog will listen to you and not just to the trainer. Keeping your dog in his normal environment helps keep him comfortable, and it also ensures we’re training him around the behavioral triggers he encounters every day. In-home training also allows you and your dog to get one-on-one, fully-customizable attention. These are important factors that simply aren’t possible with a board-and-train or group training program.

ALL Behaviors Addressed

Our in-home training has helped owners whose dogs go to the bathroom in the house, pull on the leash, chew, bark, whine, jump on people, counter surf, refuse to listen to commands, etc. We even have a special program for aggressive dogs and young puppies. Even if you feel your dog’s issue is one we’ve never encountered before, give us a call. We can handle anything that comes our way, from any age, breed, size, or temperament of dog.

Ready to make an appointment for your no-obligation consultation? Have a question we failed to answer? Give us a call at 302.526.2181 or send an e-mail through our contact page.