Delaware Aggressive Dog Training

Delaware Aggressive Dog Training 

No dog is beyond hope with us!

Watching your dog take on aggressive tendencies is difficult. It becomes embarrassing and sometimes even dangerous to bring your dog to the park, let him interact with other animals, or let him interact with people. And it’s hard to decipher why this behavior occurs in the first place.

Before you decide to re-home or surrender your dog, give Del Dog Training a call. We know aggression is a behavioral issue, just like failure to house train or pulling on the leash. We know that this isn’t the way your dog has to be. Behavior can be modified, and because we’ve spent so much time studying the canine mind and modern training techniques, we can help. Before you call the shelter or consider euthanasia, and before your dog really hurts someone or something, call us.

There are several triggers of canine aggression, including:

  • Fear/anxiety
  • Other humans/animals
  • Territoriality/possessiveness
  • Maternal instincts
  • Instinct to dominate

How Does Our Program Help?

We train for aggression within the home, and teach you everything we know so you feel in control, even in our absence. We focus on establishing you as the leader, the Alpha, which teaches your dog how to behave as part of the pack rather than as the head honcho. We schedule an in-home consultation to observe your dog’s behavior and figure out what triggers his aggressive behavior, and then we customize the program to fit your needs. You have a say in the schedule, the process, and the results.

Del Dog Training offers this program, often risking our safety in the process, so we don’t have to see families torn apart and more dogs trapped in shelters due to fixable behavior issues.

Getting Started..

To learn how we can help you and your aggressive dog, call us today at 302.526.2181 or send us an e-mail through the contact page.